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“Theatre of friendship” 17-25.11.2017 Poronin near…

Nasza szkoła ma możliwość pojechania na Projekt polsko-ukraiński w Poroninie. Jest 12 dostępnych miejsc zainteresowanych prosimy o kontakt z Bartkiem Chudym, termin składania zgłoszeń mija dzisiaj.
“Theatre of friendship”
17-25.11.2017 Poronin near Zakopane, Poland
Hosting organization – Fundacja Manufaktura Dobrych Pomysłów

”Theatre of friendship” is a project created by young people from Poland and Ukraine. It is a response to their needs for active participation in social, political and professional life. The project focuses on the development of soft skills. To develop such skills we will use improvisation theatre. During the project there will be workshops on dialogue, body language, voice emission, nonverbal communication, stage movement, scenic expressions of emotions. At the end of the project we will stage an improvised performance on the local stage. 40 people will take part in project , 22 from Poland , 22 from Ukraine ( 40 participants and 4 leaders ). The implementation of exchange is planned in the period 17-25.11.2017 in Poronin, with 45 participants: young people and leaders.

Place: Poland
Venue: Poronin –
Partner countries: Poland, Ukraine
Leaders: 2 per national team
Age of participants: 16-18

Comfortable clothes and shoes for workshops which we will organize in indoor and outdoor, slippers, laptops, cameras etc. Photos will be taken during project by our team as well and at the end of the project we will share on-line with all partner organizations before departure.
Traditional food, drink and souvenirs for intercultural night activities. It would be nice to prepare some interesting presentations of your country . You can teach your songs and dances to all participants when you will have the stage.

The participants are themselves responsible to get a travel insurance. If anyone who uses medicine should bring with themselves. We don’t give any medicines and we don’t cover insurance fees.

If anyone who is vegan or vegetarian in your group (or who has some allergic problems), please inform us about this EARLIER.
Jakub Ciołek 13.11.2017 13:49