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Big Think Grant

Scope of the submission

The grant is awarded to a student who exhibits the most innovative and pragmatic science based solutioning in one of the three areas:
1) Solving emerging threats to planet Earth inflicted by humanity itself and limiting impacts of climate changes.
See examples:

2) Developing controls both policy and technology based that will mitigate risks relative to exponential development of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
(Search for Elon Musk on end of the world articles)

3) Advancing development of genomics based longevity studies focusing on extending healthy and productive human live well beyond 130 years of age.
(search for Peter Diamnadis on longevity)

Format of the Submission

It is year 2050, and you are preparing your acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize Award.

1) Please describe what is the Nobel prize for, which problem it solves and how it made the world a better place.
2) Based on the existing nascent research or technology innovation and your own vision of how it can evolve, explain how you solved the problem.
3) Describe what skills will you need and how will you spend the next 5 years preparing yourself to advance you on your journey to solve world’s problems.

Your submission should not be longer than 6 pages and should be based on research on publically accessible information. The best work will have a combination of vision, thought leaderships and pragmatic application of research and technology.

The Grant
1st prize - 3000 PLZ, bragging rights and membership in the Big Think League (BTL)
2nd prize – 1000 PLZ , bragging rights and BTL membership
3rd prize – 500 PLZ Groupon Bucks, bragging rights and BTL membership.
Jakub Ciołek 22.12.2017 12:14